Wired Home Security versus Wireless Home Security

Since wireless home security systems were created, it’s been easy for home security companies and homeowners alike to debate the question of which one is better. Some have very strong opinions, usually based off of personal experience or understanding of how the systems work. But the fact that they are different does not mean that one is better than the other in all circumstances. Each homeowner is different and will need different things for his or her unique home. Therefore it stands to reason that each home security system will be different and need different elements and connections for each unique home. So that you can make an educated decision on what to do for your home, here is a description of each and how they work.

Wired Home Security

1254480_84097959Wired home security, or landline home security, is simple to understand. For this system connection to work, it requires that your home have wiring running through it to connect the system devices to each other and to connect the whole system to your monitoring service. You can choose to have your security system prewired, or rather, use the wiring already established in the home to connect all the electrical circuits and everything else. Or you can have a team of professional technicians come into your home and install new Cat 5 wiring through the walls. The installation procedure can be costly, but maintenance should be low. Additionally, wired home security is known as the most reliable – more so than wireless home security – because it will not go out in a power outage and the wires keep a secure connection strong. On the other hand, a criminal can easily go in and cut the wires to disable the system and disconnect you from your monitoring service.

Wireless Home Security

Wireless home security or home automation is sometimes used as a blanket term to refer to any sort of wireless security system, including cellular security, broadband security, and VoIP security. All are wireless and so do not rely on wires to function properly. But more specifically, a wireless home security system is one that is connected with radiofrequency air waves that transmit signals through the air between devices and to your monitoring service. Thus, wireless home security is not as reliable as landline home security (the connections can cut out), but these days wireless home security has become far more reliable than it ever was. It is also more flexible because the home security products can be positioned about the house in whatever fashion you desire, so long as they are still wireCouple using a notebook 175748100lessly in range to be connected to the main central control panel and to each other for communication purposes.

As both have their ups and downs, each system type is worth looking into. Know that some companies have completely gone over to cellular home security systems, which is a form of wireless home security that you can find out more about on this site. But if you choose wired security, you can still find many companies willing to help you install it for your home.